Unit 6 Displays

Saturday 29 March – Wednesday 25 June 2014

Triangle Shopping Centre 
Public Space: Unit 6, Triangle Shopping Centre, Frinton-on-Sea, CO13 0AU

Triangle Shopping centre is a controversial self-contained retail complex comprising of twenty shop units alongside a Co-op supermarket, pub, community centre and council offices. The shopping centre is the main point of purchase within the town attracting a large footfall. Triangle Shopping Centre offers a meeting area for all generations and is situated nearby Tendring Technology College.

Unit 6 Displays

The displays offered the opportunity for three London based artists to show work in a new context and respond to the parish town’s history. The displays provided a chance for internationally renowned contemporary art to be seen in one of the most prominent areas in the town. The displays referenced store window displays creating a visual impact against the backdrop of the shopping centre. Each of the three displays investigated Frinton’s changing history and it’s move against the influx of corporations and consumerism sweeping throughout the traditional, independent seaside town. The displays were installed within Unit 6 in the heart of Triangle Shopping Centre. Each display consisted of a small selection of related works/or new commission from each artist and was supported by a series of related projects.

Display 1 – Richard Wentworth – 29th March – 26th April 2014

Richard Wentworth’s series of photographic works explore the aesthetics of consumerism, and demand creation. The works show close up cropped images of large billboard displays focusing on the model’s mouth as the point of desire. As a reference to the oversized advertising billboards Wentworth places his finger in shot, providing a contrast between the reality of the body and its idealised image employed by the advertisers.

Display 2 – Patrick Coyle - 29th April – 25th May 2014

Patrick Coyle produced a new installation that resulted from research he undertook on Frinton’s history. The installation responded to the town's locality, investigating how symbolism has played a large part in shaping the image of the town.

Display 3 – Arnaud Desjardin - 28th May – 25th June 2014

Arnaud Desjardin continued his ongoing practice of producing and displaying artist books as original works. Unit 6 was the focus for a project to disseminate artistic knowledge with a functioning temporary art bookshop. The project also responded to the town with new printed matter and a series of events.

Contact: ︎ Jonathan.weston@sunderlandculture.org.uk