Artist Selected Film Programme: Penny Woolcock

Modern Art Oxford
Thursday 1 - Friday 16 November 2018

Penny Woolcock selected films that have informed and influenced her practice to be shown in the run up to Fantastic Cities. The films were screened on a loop in the Modern Art Oxford basement.

Penny Woolcock, Road Movie, 2015, 5:45 minutes, courtesy of the artist. Commissioned by Tintype, London as part of Essex Road (2014)

This fascinating short love story between two plastic bags documents the artist’s interest in the objects and people we discard as a society. She suggests that the things we ignore and consider worthless can be very beautiful when looked at properly.

Maya Brandt, Funny Valentine, 1979, 2:30 minutes, courtesy of University of the West of England, Bristol

Seen for the first time by Woolcock in 1979 at what was then called the Museum of Modern Art Oxford, this short film is a cautionary tale of love and marriage told using plasticine figures.

Alexander Fry, Yes, Sure, 2018, 30 minutes, courtesy of the artist

Screened for the first time, this film by Woolcock’s long-term collaborator is an exploration of personal memory, class and changing physical landscapes.

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