Susan Philipsz: The Internationale

Mowbray Park, Sunderland
Monday 8th March - Thursday 13th May 2021

Experience Turner Prize winning artist Susan Philipsz’ emotive sound installation ‘The Internationale’ this Spring at Mowbray Park.

Video: Michael Davidson 

About the Artist:

Susan Philipsz (OBE) is a Scottish artist now based in Berlin. Originally trained as a sculptor, Philipsz is best known for her intimate and emotive sound installations.

The sound installations, often publicly situated, respond to their location. Philipsz uses her own untrained voice a-capella to create a dislocation between place, space and sound. She has reworked songs from sources as diverse as Nirvana and David Bowie, through to traditional folk music and sixteenth century ballads.

About the Sound Installation:

‘The Internationale’ was once a rallying call for socialists around the world but is now almost forgotten. Philipsz notes ‘it could be interpreted as either a lament for something that has passed or as the song suggests, a clarion call for political action.’ ‘The Internationale’ was first installed in a public underpass in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a former Soviet country.

This installation is an Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme Exhibition.
Credit: Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London. © the artist.
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